Svalbard: Arctic wildlife - 14 days

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Our most exclusive Arctic expedition! A live-aboard tour for small groups which will bring you to the most fascinating and remote areas in the northeast of Svalbard. It is a diving trip but it is also open to all others interested in joining (for example, nature photographers).

Longyearbyen is the starting point of our six-day discovery trip aboard the sailing yacht "Skydancer" (

Our route will take us north after leaving Longyearbyen, along the island of Prins Karls Forland with its walrus colonies and a lagoon where we hope to dive with walruses and bearded seals.
Farther north, we will stop at the Kongsfjord with its mighty glaciers and exciting dive sites.

North of Kongsfjord and further to the east the real adventure starts. Now we enter the true Arctic wilderness which is covered by sea ice most of the year. This where there polar bears live and hunt for seals. Also walrus, white whales and even the bowhead whale can be spotted here.

Our tour schedule will depend on the weather conditions, but we have time to explore and enjoy this amazing place. A dinghy allows us to leave the ship for photo tours and land excursions. At times, dives will start from the ship, at other times from a dinghy.



  • Walrus colonies and walruses in the water (for security reasons, diving with walruses is only permitted in areas where we see only female / young animals)
  • Bearded seals, harbor seals, harp seals and other seals (diving with seals is usually possible)
  • Many polar bears in the north and east
  • Very good chances of spotting beluga whales, humpbacks and minke whales
  • It is possible to see a blue whale, bowhead whale, or a group of narwhals
  • Clifftop bird colonies bustling with nesting seabirds
  • Polar foxes, reindeer (a special species, very small in stature), ptarmigan, king eider, ivory seagull and various whale species
  • Magnificent landscape and glaciers
  • Bright days and nights thanks to the midnight sun
  • Unique high arctic underwater world