Svalbard: Arctic wildlife - 14 days

Photogallery "Svalbard"

Gallery "Tour ship Ulla Rinman"

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You want a real Arctic expedition? Then this is your tour! An ultimate small-group live-aboard which will bring you to the most fascinating and remote areas in the northeast of Svalbard. Photographers, film maker, divers and those who want to experience the Arctic and its wildlife first hand, together with just a handful of people will love this expedition.

We will visit areas where it is very likely to have fantastic encounters with the biggest land living predator of our planet, the polar bear. Luckily, being close to a curious bear is save, as long as we stay on the boat. We have plenty of time to spend in the best wildlife areas of the Svalbard archipelago.

Our ship for this expedition is the "MV Ulla Rinman". The former rescue vessel was built with the highest ice class and the crew has many years of experience in Svalbard waters under their belts. With only up to 10 passengers and a crew of 3 to 4 this tour is really private, and we can do land- and photo excursions which are just impossible on bigger cruises.

Our tour schedule will depend on the weather and ice conditions. But every day will be packed with adventures, we will encounter wildlife, explore various dive sites and enjoy epic nature.