Russia: Baikal summer

Gallery "Baikal Summer"

In summer, Lake Baikal shines in all its beauty. The days are often sunny, the colors incredibly intense and nature awakens after the hibernation during the long and cold Siberian Winter. Maybe now it is the best time to explore the oldest and deepest freshwater lake of our planet in the heart of Siberia on a nature, diving and photographic expedition with the ship M.Y. Valeria.

The impressions above and below the water are manifold, the days are long, and the experiences are unforgettable.



  • Diving and nature experience in the heart of Siberia
  • Over 2,000 kilometers, largely untouched shore zone
  • Crystal clear water, amazing visibility and underwater photography
  • Stunning landscape in autumnally colors
  • Friendly and open people and culture
  • The deepest and oldest lake on earth, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Many endemic species, including Nerpa (a freshwater seal)
  • Freshwater sponges and gammarus (freshwater shrimps)
  • Explore the Baikal by ship and see areas that are hardly accessible from land
  • Reliable and professional organization on site