Russia: Baikal Ice Diving


The Baikal is not just as any other lake - it is the oldest and deepest lake in the world and offers an incredible variety of unforgettable impressions. You just have to experience it yourself. Conventional standards and scales simply fail here in the heart of Siberia.

The Baikal is huge, beautiful and it has many faces.

On this winter tour, we are fully dedicated to the ice diving. By car and under professional local guiding we will visit the most beautiful dive sites. Even heated dressing rooms and catering is provided. So you can look forward to enjoy unforgettable diving adventures in the icy and crystal clear water. Crystal clear is also the ice in February. Due to wind and weather, faultings and amazing ice structures gradually emerge - both below and above water. Often only snow falls from mid-February or even in March. Thus, the early dates are particularly suitable if you want to experience the clear ice, while the Baikal will be covered in white snow in March and April and appears more Arctic, but then under water particularly spectacular ice formations can be found (cause the ice is more in movement now). Both faces of the Baikal are different and have their own charm!