Russia: Baikal autumn


The Baikal region turns into an ocean of colors every autumn. It is Indian Summer in Siberia when the trees turn golden yellow, red and orange after a short, intense summer. From Irkutsk we follow along the almost completely undeveloped beaches and cliffs of the lake shore. We explore the best dive sites and the natural beauty of the region.

Our expedition ship for the tour is the M.Y. MYTH, an expedient and safe ship that has sailed the Baikal for many years.

Lake Baikal measures over 1,600 meters at its deepest point, making it the deepest and, with 25 million years, the oldest freshwater lake in the world. Another amazing special with this lake is the unique flora and fauna: About two-thirds of the approximately 1,500 animal and 1,000 plant species are endemic, that means they occur exclusively here. Surprisingly, many fish and shrimp species, as well as sponges were also able to adapt to a life in deep water and are even to be found at a depth of 1.6 kilometers.



  • Diving and nature experience in the heart of Siberia
  • Over 2,000 kilometers, largely untouched shore zone
  • Crystal clear water, amazing visibility and underwater photography
  • Stunning landscape in autumnally colors
  • Friendly and open people and culture
  • The deepest and oldest lake on earth, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Many endemic species, including Nerpa (a freshwater seal)
  • Freshwater sponges and gammarus (freshwater shrimps)
  • Explore the Baikal by ship and see areas that are hardly accessible from land
  • Reliable and professional organization on site