Russia is a land so vast, diverse and also largely unknown that it transcends our imagination in various ways. It is the largest state in the world in terms of area and yet large parts are sparsely populated and hardly accessible.
The country’s borders reach from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific and from the Arctic to the Central Asian steppes. Some of the approximately 120,000 rivers and two million lakes are among the largest waters of our planet. Many coastal stretches are picturesquely beautiful, wild, largely untouched and home to many marine animals.

For diving and nature expeditions, the White Sea, the Arctic, Siberia and in the Far East Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands offer unimagined possibilities. But in many places, logistics and infrastructure present real challenges for the very few tour operators. To discover the wild and pristine Russia often means to renounce some luxuries. At the same time, there are still opportunities to visit mostly unknown regions and to experience real adventures!