Norway: Battlefield Narvik

Gallery "Wreck diving Narvik"

A must for historically interested wreck divers! The "Operation Weserübung", Nazi Germanys invasion of Norway in April 1940 led to serious battles in Northern Norway. In those days, Narvik came to sad fame. A big number of ships sank in the port bay and the area around when German, British and Norwegian troups clashed here.

Narvik was of special importance for Allies and Germany by its function as an - even in winter ice-free - freight port for iron ore from Sweden. It was in the interests of both parties to secure access to such war-heavy raw materials, and was the reason for the particular violence of the battles here.

After the war a large part of the sunken ships were salvaged. But many of the wrecks are still here - and easily accessible for scuba divers. The access by boat is partly very short (few minutes).

Narvik is not as popular as with scuba divers as Scapa Flow, but it is also one of the real highlights in the world for ambitious wreck diving.

An experienced handling of the diving equipment is basic prerequisite for taking part in this tour.