North Norway: Orca whales

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This journey offers to take snorkel divers (free divers) and nature photographers on an adventure trip to wintry northern Norway. Large amounts of herring gather here, attracting hundreds of whales intent on hunting them. They provide an extraordinary spectacle of nature – but due to the cold temperatures in the air and in the water, snow, ice, limited daylight, and rough sea, it can be challenging to the spectators.

Excursions take place on a traditional Norwegian wooden fishing boat, and a fast zodiac available to take divers to where the action is. Between dives, you can warm up again on the boat. On board amenities include a toilet, a small kitchen, heated lounge areas and the possibility to store your diving equipment over night.

This tour offers snorkeling instead of scuba diving because the Orca whales will not tolerate open-circuit scuba equipment in their proximity.

You will spend the night on land in a small hotel with a good 3-star standard.

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Our tour ship "Sjøblomsten"



  • Herring in vast amounts (comprising one of the largest and ecologically as well as economically most important fish populations worldwide)
  • Orca whales, on occasion by the hundreds
  • Humpback whales engaged in a spectacular hunt
  • Fin whales, minke whales, and sei whales
  • More rarely, pilot whales and dolphins
  • Northern lights / aurora borealis (one of the best seasons and regions to witness and take pictures of the amazing and magical spectacle the arctic night sky offers)
  • Magnificent arctic winter landscape
  • Numerous seabirds, including the scarce king eider
  • Majestic white-tailed (sea) eagle