Norway: Marine biology week

Gallery "Marine biology week"

During this marine biology week, we will devote ourselves entirely to the secrets of the underwater world. Our focus will of course be on the North Sea and the North Atlantic, because aside from fascinating evening lectures, we will use the daytime hours to explore various marine habitats.

Dives starting from a boat will let us explore wrecks, kelp forests, canyons, seagrass meadows, and shallow sandy lagoons. There is a special habitat for every kind of dweller. It would be great if tour members also captured their observations on camera for later use during the lectures. We could use them to point out the special features of the dive sites and their ecological roles.

We are happy to announce that marine biologist and underwater photographer Uli Kunz will join us as tour guide. His accounts are as entertaining and informative as they are practice-oriented. This is a diving tour with as much potential for adventure as for interesting background information!



  • Different interesting dive sites and habitats every day
  • North Atlantic kelp (laminaria) forests
  • Mysterious ship wrecks as artificial reefs
  • Richly varied macro life
  • Spotting various sharks and rays is possible
  • Spotting various deepsea fish species is possible
  • Exploratory workshops with marine biologist and scientific diver Uli Kunz
  • Practice-oriented tips for taking underwater pictures
  • Examination of samples collected during the dives
  • Often we spot moose, white-tailed eagle (sea eagle) and whales
  • Fall landscapes in magnificent colors
  • Northern lights (Aurora borealis) are possible
  • Typical Norwegian dishes