Norway: Highlights tour

Gallery "Norway Highlights Tour"

This adventure trip in mid-Norway can barely be surpassed in terms of variety. In the course of one week, we will visit a wide variety of dive sites. Attractions include a kelp forest, wrecks, deep-sea corals, chimaeras, wild salmon in the river, and much more. There is also plenty to experience above water.

The glorious foliage of the autumn season is evident in the luminous yellow of the birch forests and the wine red of the plateaus. At night, there is a chance to experience the Northern lights (aurora borealis) at this time of year.

On this tour, everything is organized. We pick up all tour members at the Trondheim airport and return them back again at the end of the tour. Our small groups will consist of only four members providing ideal conditions to experience partly unspoiled nature. Dives occasionally start from stony beaches. A certain level of physical fitness is a basic prerequisite for joining this tour.