Norway - this is as if the Alps would abut directly on the North Sea. Sometimes feel like driving through a pristine Nordic wilderness and in the next moment you are already on the coast. So it is no wonder that there is hardly any other country in Europe is that offers so much variety on a narrow coastal strip - from the beach to a summer ski area is sometimes less than an hour to drive.

The country is generally divided in the regions southern Norway, East Norway, Vestlandet (Fjord Norway), mid Norway and northern Norway. Interesting for diving and discovery tours are West-, central and northern Norway. In general it is possible to for divers explore the fjords, as well the exposed places along the coast like islands and reefs. The underwater world and the conditions and requirements between these two areas might differ substantially in some cases.

As the difference between summer and winter in the north of Europe is large, so is the difference between and the fjords of the coasts. Because often much fresh water flows into the fjords and at the same time these areas are sheltered from large waves some very uncommon species can be found, sometimes. Many fjords are very deep and dark and you will find some animals in depth reachable for divers, which occur only from a few hundred meters water depth off the coast. On the other hand plants will find difficult conditions because the part dark fresh water at the surface shields from a lot of light.

But while midnight sun and Aurora hardly can be enjoyed in one and the same the holiday, it is also impossible to explore whole Norway with its many different regions under water on just one tour. Many years of experience and active search of the most interesting dive sites make it possible for us today to effectively combine exciting and amazing adventures and diving experiences. And we are still on the search for previously undiscovered and highlights never dived before!