Iceland: Fire & Ice

Gallery "Iceland"

Iceland - an island which was born out the elements of fire and ice an discovered by on which was discovered and colonized by the Vikings in the middle of the North Atlantic. Here there are natural experiences in a class close to each other. Various dive sites in the sea and also in freshwater are just fantastic, as well as waterfalls, lava deserts, sulfur fields, the geyser, glaciers and lakes with glacial ice, craggy cliffs, black lava beaches. bizarre basalt formations and scenic fjords.

We offer discovery tours for divers who want to experience much above and under water. We will show you the barren beauty of this island, but also its people, to discover culture and traditional Icelandic cuisine is a part these tours.

With our Icelandic partners, we offer tours and all year round, as well as customized diving and adventure tours in Iceland.



Depending on which tour is booked!

  • The intercontinental fissure, Silfra (Thingvellir)
  • The geothermal chimneys, Strytan
  • Snorkeling in a warm river near the Arctic Circle
  • Barren wild scenery and sulphur fields
  • The Icelandic capital of Reykjavik
  • Waterfalls and the "Geysir"
  • Kelp forests, coral, sea fishes and astonishing macro life
  • Humpback whales, fin whales (finbacks), and minke whales – possibly also orca whales and other species
  • Northern lights (aurora borealis), between September and April
  • Sea birds and seals