Iceland is a great natural wonder. It seems like the nature is not quite finished with her work here, and already it looks so well done, like hardly anywhere else. Sometimes it is not very difficult imagining back into the geological history - just to find oneself in one of the most advanced countries of the earth, afterwards. The contrast of fire and ice makes a big part of the special fascination.

In 870 the first Vikings discovered the island in the North Atlantic on their adventurous boat expeditions. From here they should also discover Greenland and then travel to North America, later. Iceland became a Viking colony and today most Icelanders see themselves as direct descendants of the Vikings with great pride. National Hero is Leifur Eriksson, son of Erik the Red. According to the records he was significantly more down to earth than his father.
The Red Erik was first exiled from Norway for manslaughter and, later on, also from Iceland. Leif Eriksson is considered to be the most active explorers of the Viking Age and probably sailed along the American coast to the region of today's New York and even further south.

In 2008 a serious financial crisis hit Iceland with full hardness. Before this happened, the island nation was on top of the European countries regarding wealth and living standard. Iceland had to face economically hard times, which still are not entirely overcome. However, the massive devaluation of the Icelandic Krona ISK also caused that the number of tourist exploded. Iceland still is not a cheap destination. But today a trip to the island of natural wonders is significantly more affordable than before.

The Icelandic cuisine has more to offer than just the infamous Hákarl, massively decaying Greenland shark. However many of the dishes are rather nordic-rustic and it might be worth asking the waiter before you order.

We offer Iceland as a mobile diving and discovery tour. This means that we drive round the island on the well-constructed ring way and stay at various stations to explore the nature over and under water. This is a concept in which includes also days without diving. It is important to experience Iceland in its entirety which is absolutely necessary to get a real impression: waterfalls, basalt formations, submarine hot springs, fierce wolf-fishes, glaciers, sulfur springs, lava fields, volcanic craters, crystal clear lakes, bird cliffs and much more wait for us on this tour!