Greenland: Winter adventures

Gallery "Greenland Winter Adventures"

A real expedition down-the-line! Those who are looking for luxury and "easy diving" are wrong on this trip. However, those who want to join a trip with unique experiences and photo possibilities in one of the most remote regions of the world will love this diving expedition!

In focus of the diving activities we will have icebergs bound in the pack ice and often excellent visibilities underwater. Across icebound fjords and pack ice we use dog sledes and snow scooters led by experienced Inuit hunters and fishermen to the reach the dive sites. The dives take place under the ice mainly, however, we will also dive in open water, even from small boat, if possible. Weather and temperatures can be extreme and there is a risk of weather-conditioned loss of days with outdoor activities on this tour. Nevertheless, as a reward there are unbelievable experiences and photo motives which there are to see so only very rarely. Only with the sometimes unbelievable visibility at this time of year the true dimensions of the icebergs become visible.

Team ability and physical fitness are basic qualities which every participant should bring! Please note that conditions in this part of the Arctic can vary a lot from year to year. We cannot guarantee if and how many different icebergs we will be able to dive.

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