Greenland: Iceberg diving

Gallery "Greenland Iceberg Diving"

A tour for every diver who dreams of exploring icebergs - below and above water. The immense scenery with its steep mountains, gigantic fjords, and glaciers are unforgettable.

You will also get a taste of how the Inuit residents live up here in the Arctic. Aside from possessing impressive hunting skills and an open and friendly character, the native inhabitants of Greenland face social problems and alcoholism in their everyday life.

We will spot whales on many of our boat tours. They stay here in great numbers to feed on krill and capelin (a small fish species) during the summer months. It is quite common to observe humpback whales, finback whales, and minke whales. It is also occasionally possible to observe many other whale species – including orca whales and the huge blue whale.

The astonishingly varied and colorful underwater world may surprise many divers. You will discover real kelp forests and coral walls, and macro photographers will have the opportunity to catch extremely rarely photographed species on camera.