Greenland/Iceland: Highlights tour

Gallery "Iceland"

Gallery "Greenland"

"Highlights of Iceland and Greenland" is an aptly named tour, because each and every one of the natural wonders waiting for you above and below the water every day is a highlight. This is a tour for divers who would like to explore the arctic diversity of Greenland and Iceland. Countless photo opportunities should satisfy even the most ambitious photographers.

It is worth emphasizing the number of different dive sites we will visit, especially considering all the additional sights and adventures we will enjoy in between dives. Every minute of this tour, particularly during our stay in Iceland, is put to good use. Local guides will accompany you on all tours and are happy to share their expertise and answer all of your questions. During this trip, we will be changing accommodations quite frequently, and luggage should be kept easy to handle. The standard of the accommodations is generally good, but Greenland’s infrastructure does not offer great luxury. This is a discovery tour that lets you explore the most interesting regions of Northern Europe below and above water.



  • The intercontinental fissure, Silfra (Thingvellir)
  • The geothermal chimneys, Strytan
  • Snorkeling in a warm river near the Arctic Circle
  • Barren wild scenery and sulphur fields
  • The Icelandic capital of Reykjavik
  • Waterfalls and the “Geysir”
  • Icebergs and ice in all forms, dimensions, and colors below and above water!
  • Kelp forests, coral walls, and astonishing macro life
  • Humpback whales, fin whales (finbacks), and minke whales – possibly also orca whales and other species
  • Northern lights (aurora borealis), good chance to see them as early as September
  • Calving glaciers and ice fjords
  • Visit to an arctic town and encounter with Inuit culture
  • Abandoned US military base from WW II
  • Huge (massive) fjord sceneries
  • Sea birds and seals