Greenland is the largest island in the world and for divers one of the last real adventure. Particularly East Greenland is still considered to be very original and unexplored. Unsurprisingly, because first in 1884 the Europeans arrived in the region.

The life in the Arctic is rough and marked by deprivation and the struggle with the nature. The villages are only tiny spots of civilization in the huge white wilderness of Greenland. To explore the areas surrounding the villages the dog sled is the best solution in winter. During the summer the boat is most important for locomotion. But also hiking tours are possible, both as a short trip, as well as a package tour. In the towns and villages it is worth to visit a carving, where ivory, bone, and reindeer antlers are processed to traditional sculptures.

Also the Greenlandic kitchen has to offer a lot that might be a big "adventurous" for visitors. But it is worth to try narwhale skin (Mattak), dried musk ox meat and fjord seal. But some traditional Inuit dishes are also fit for the western palate.

2008 was the first year we did intensively on the new project diving in Greenland. We found out that there are not many places where divers have been, so far. Specifically East Greenland was completely unexplored. During our research we met Lars, today our cooperation partner in Greenland. 2009 a container left the Danish port Ålborg with compressors, tanks, etc. In early summer 2011 we launched the first diving project with the best weather conditions. We were fascinated by the crystal-clear water, the icebergs and the part unexpectedly colorful underwater world. Then we continued our voyage of discovery over and under water in August and September. Now various whale species were also to observe, which in the early summer due to the ice floe still were far from the coast.

Our exploration of the underwater world of East Greenland is still far away from completion and we are now offering divers the opportunity to experience the fascination Arctic! We offer genuine, unique adventure in Greenland with hundreds of kilometers coastline that were never dived before.