Northern Explorers was founded in 2009. However, the company is a result of the experience and in-field preparatory work since 1995. To find new track into nature, the adventure and to explore the wilderness of Northern Europe is our business.

Northern Explorers offers divers, photographers, and filmmakers the opportunity to schedule individual tours. We arrange expeditions into the Arctic for small groups. Based in mid-Norway, we offer a varied program of dive trips, guided fishing tours, mountain hiking, and photo tours throughout the year (for additional information, visit

Film crews occasionally seek our support for their international television and cinema productions, and stories from our tours have been published in various print and online magazines.

There are many names and faces involved in each and every successful tour. Northern Explorers works with local guides, boatmen, mushers, and service staff in Norway, Spitsbergen, Greenland, North America / Canada, Iceland, and Russia.

If you are inquiring for internship/job/volunteer opportunities, we are sorry to inform that we are not providing any at this stage. Any new opportunity will advertised on this website and on our social medias.

However, two people are behind every expedition:

Anja Dietze

Anja is the managing director of the company. Originally from Munich, Germany, where she worked for various TV stations, she moved to Norway some years ago.

Anja likes diving in cold water and joined expeditions to Norway, Greenland, and Iceland. She speaks German, English, and Norwegian.

Sven Gust

Sven is the founder of the company. He started cold-water diving in 1999 and spent several months a year on expeditions in Northern Europe.

With over 2,000 dives in Norway and many hundreds in the other Scandinavian countries under his belt, he is among the most experienced divers in Northern Europe. Sven speaks German, English, and Norwegian. He is the main expedition leader of Northern Explorers.